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Hello! Let us introduce ourselves! We are Treehouse Publishing Group, the proud makers of Treehouse Toons! We create high quality children's books with beautifully illustrated pages from real stories given to us by animal welfare non-profits. These books help raise awareness and money for these non-profits so they can continue to make an impact helping animals and the world around us. We believe in teaching children to love and care for nature, the world, themselves and each other. And we believe our mission is helping to  make a difference.

We have a great vision, but we cannot fulfill it alone. We want to give children everywhere access to thought provoking, opinion changing books. There are a lot of children that have little or no access to books in their home. Reluctant readers require books with more antiquing or educational content in order to even “want” to read.  For reasons like these, some children struggle in school and life because they never practice to become excellent readers.

Why You'll Want to Offer Our Children's Books
Bring the award winning illustration and five-star writing quality of our books to your shop


Our books not only help non-profits but help benefit the future leaders by teaching them empathy and morals. Some of the ways they can benefit are by:

  1. Teaching them to love animals, each other, and the world 

  2. Build understanding about social, emotional and societal issues

  3. Improve critical thinking skills

  4. Make books more interesting so children grow up loving reading

  5. Help them excel in life through better understanding

  6. Entertain them while educating them

Our Books Inspire Children & Families

Families love our high-rated children's books and merchandise that help raise money for animal rescues, shelters, advocacy and care charities.  Why? because every project we do is jam packed with our passion and love for animals and the planet.  Every storybook features award winning illustration and five star writing techniques that tell meaningful stories. They're not just pretty, they tackle important topics:

  • Friendship  & Relationships

  • Fear, Anxiety and Feelings

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • The important of food, shelter, healthcare & love

  • Understanding Disabilities 

  • Challenging stereotypes

  • and more


We Help Drive Customers to Your Store

The Read & Rescue incentive program helps drive customers into retail locations where our books are available for purchase.  But that's not all.  We market our book titles on social media and provide Read & Sing-Along events to grow buzz for our books. And the non-profit causes that we collaborate with benefit from the sale of these books.  They benefit even at the wholesale level.  So they too help market the titles.  You won't find better books or better marketing support for your shop.

Overview Of Retailer Benefits:

  1. We offer flexible options for carrying our books. We're sure to have a solution that's right for you. 

  2. We offer attractive checkout area displays that encourage an upsell at the register.

  3. Your customers will love our books and our mission

  4. You will be helping nonprofits that care for animals 

  5. Enjoy additional traffic into your store by way of the additional advertising we provide.

  6. Outright wholesale or merchandised route based earnings raise your shop's monthly income

  7. Accessorize an animal-centric department in your store by adding our other merchandise that also helps us to help non-profits.


We would truly would love to work with you!

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"Your spirit of giving is like no other. Thank you so much! I appreciate the time you take and know these books are going to make such an impact. We wouldn't be able to say that w/o you. And I'm so appreciative that you are always willing to help at every turn!  Thank you :)"