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Our children's theater program proudly presents...


Ideal for Pre-K to 5th Grades
We reinforce the vales of understanding and empathy towards nature through great fun! Bring Playhouse Production’s original presentation...
                            IF WE COULD TALK TO THE ANIMALS
                                              LIVE or VIRTUAL 
to your home school group, library, community,

classroom or home and watch kids glow with a new found 

awareness of themselves and the part we all need to play in

the world around us. Featuring rhyming wit, music, and audience participationIF WE COULD TALK TO THE ANIMALS 
improves children’s societal and environmental awareness 
as they learn how to make choices through caring and empathy for each other, animals and the planet.

Treehouse Toons created this awesome program designed to bring societal and environmental education to elementary school aged children in your group, district or region — using the power of art and theater! Host our Playhouse Theater in your area and  inspire, empower, educate, and entertain children, teachers, and families throughout your whole community!


New! Outdoor Stage Set



our new outdoor theater is built with social distancing in mind. And it turns our theater into a fun, affordable, environmental field trip. We are presently booking fall appearances which will be able to utilize this new stage set.


Performance Purpose

Our environmental education program is rich with art and theater.  And our original script uses rhyming wit, music, humor and audience engagement to teach children about natural, animals, the ecosystem, more.  Children walk away from our program with more respect for each other, animals and the planet.

Performance Specs

Ideal for children ages Pre-K through 

4th Grade, this program is designed to 
reinforce the moral lessons of caring, empathy and making a difference

through Great Fun!  Each show runs about 30-45 minutes depending on the age of the audience.

Diverse Puppet Cast

Our program touches on diversity through the puppet master and use of uniquely suited puppets ranging from simple to extraordinary international handmade puppets.

Audience Engagement

Our original script is written with rhyme, wit, quirks and personality.  Children will laugh, sing, and participate joyfully.  I mean, what child doesn't want to talk to, laugh and sing with puppets, right?

Book Pack Options

Performances come with a book pack of educational children's books and learning materials about nature.  And all of our original, beautifully illustrated materials relate to our show topics.


Small Groups Are Best
Small Audiences of 12-30

  • Meets Social Distancing Requirements

  • Inclusive Audience Participation

  • Available in  TN, GA, SC, NC, KY USA

  • Outdoor performance options

  • Customize your Book Pack

Public School Field Trip 

Multiple Shows

  • Available in TN, GA, SC, NC, KY USA

  • Small Audiences & Multiple Showtimes

  • Inclusive Audience Participation

  • Meets Social Distancing Requirements

  • Outdoor School or Park Shows

  • Customize your Book Pack


  • Empathy, Not Bullying

  • Respecting Earth & the Animals

  • The Ecosystem

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Protecting Earth / Reducing Pollution

  • Repair and Restoration



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Join us in making a difference for children in your community by sponsoring

our theater program appearances in your area.  its awesome PR for your company

or organization AND it does so much for families.  Contact us to learn more.

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