Testimonials About Our Animal Education Tools

We love our mission to bring children closer to animals and nature with our animal education tools.  Our love for animals and for children shows in the quality of our animal education content.  How?  We make learning about animals exciting!  We've integrated cheerful colors, fun stories and expression into our animal education tools.  So they're about more than just animals, they're about children too!  Our anima education tools teach kids about emotions, morals, good characteristics and even careers involving animals.  We do all of this while teaching them about animals because children have a natural curiosity about animals that should be nurtured.  Don't take our word for it - read what customers and clients have to say about our animal education tools.


This is a sweet book that is great for teaching your child to observe and care for everything around them. My 2 year old boy loves dogs. Whenever he sees the pictures from this book, he gets all excited and shouts "doggy" or "puppy" every. Single. Time. This is a great addition to your child's library and very affordable!

Katie L.


I display these books and tees in my gift shop.  Honestly, they sell better than I expected.  People really notice the bright books and they love how they help animals.

Sue M.


Love how super soft the shirt is and how the design is in the fabric, not that rubbery stuff that sits on top.  It's my son's new favorite tee!

Kelly N.


Love the illustrations!  And I love that it's a true story.  There's not a lot of non-fiction picture books out there and this one is done quite well.

Andrew P.


Bought this set for my sister's new baby.  Everyone was just crazy about it at her baby shower.  It's so adorable and soft!  Would recommend to a friend.

Alissa R.


What a wonderful story of best friends. It is well written and beautifully illustrated. When you order your sets as gifts,  order yourself a set to keep and cherish😍

Ashley J.


Really well written and the illustrations are beautiful. Loved it so much we bought a copy for our neighbor's kids, they love it too! Highly recommend.😁

Lisa R.


What a great look into one K9s journey to becoming a police K9! Chessie has some ups and downs on his road but it all comes together in the end with a new mom and new job as an explosive detection k9! Such a cute story for any age!

Kyle H.


Treehouse Toons has been everything we needed and more! Our relationship started with a book idea and has grown so much. One book turned into two books. Then activity guides for the books and logo items for our nonprofit. They are always thinking of ways to help us not only with our ideas but how to execute them and make them a reality.

Angela C.

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