Five-Star Children's Book Writing and Editing

She really brings your storybook idea to life.

Awesome animal stories are everywhere.  They're happening all the time.  If you love animals and have pets then you've probably got your own amazing animal story to tell. It would probably make a perfect children's book.  Maybe you've even begun writing and editing it yourself.  But if you've never written a children's book before you might wonder - is it good enough to publish?  Will it sell?  These are great questions.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of predators in the book publishing industry that will tell you it's great and convince you to spend thousands to publish.

Professional Children's Book Writing and Editing

We talk, get to know you and your story before the writing and editing process begins.  Our children's book author works from notes, photo references, timelines and rough manuscripts.  She shares her writing and editing thoughts, advice and drafts with you.  You are included in the process every step of the way, insuring that you love the message your book puts out into the world.

Writing and Editing Infused with Awe and Wonder 

Our children's book author is equipped with an unusual level of insight into how animals might feel.  Her writing and editing often incorporates the animal's point of view, which is an awesome way to help children connect with animals and feelings.

Equal Access to Reading

We believe in providing the marketplace with an equal opportunity for all children to love reading.  So we offer our books in the award winning Dyslexia font - making reading easier for all!


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