We publish books to help animal causes make money & expand awareness.

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And YOU can help too!

There's lots of ways to support us & our participating animal shelters, recues & causes raise the money needed to help more animals.

If you love animals you cannot help but fall in love with our mission. And that means that you want to support us and the great non-profits we help raise money.  Shop with us to help our non-profits raise the money they need to help more animals.  If you cannot shop with us, that's okay, there are lots of things you can do to help.  Learn more... 

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Library Recommendations

Nothing means more to your community or school library than book recommendations or donations.  YOU can spread the love of animals and the planet by sponsoring a copy of a book for your local library.

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Like, Share, Follow, Influence

Our hearts are definitely in the right place.  We give high percentages of sales to non-profits.  This means our marketing budget is often tight.  But you can help by talking us up.  Whether you are a parent or a social media marketing professional you can help us spread more love by spreading the word. Earn when you share with out Affiliate Program.  Learn more >>>

Become A Retailer

Be that shop, the one that brings the love of animals and the planet to local children in your own community.  We offer wonderful, eye-catching, compact displays.  For local shops in and around Tennessee we also offer merchandising done for you.  Learn more >>>


Buy Our Storybooks

Our participating non-profits want you to know that your participation is essential.  Even the smallest purchase or donation helps them continue to meet the needs of their missions.  When you purchase our books and merchandise you KNOW that you are helping to fund awesome nonprofit programs AND our program that is working to raise future nonprofit leaders who will love animals.

Be A Participating Nonprofit

Without our participating nonprofits we wouldn't have so many awesome and inspiring true stories to tell. We truly love animals and nature.  We WANT to help causes that support domestic and wildlife education, rescue, and preservation. If you think your organization has a great story or message to share with children - our storybooks might be the perfect way to deliver it to families.   Learn more >>>