We Turn Your Animal Story Into A Children's Book

Have you ever thought that you're pet's story would make a great children's book?  If you're thinking it, you're probably right!  But you're not a writer or illustrator and you have no idea where to begin.  We are animal lovers who publish books that tell your animal rescue story. Our goal is to inspire good in future generations.  We transform great animal rescue and friendship stories into children's books that teach empathy, love and respect for animals.  

Did you know that children who treat animals poorly are more likely to become violent criminals as adults?  

It's true! Studies have shown that most violent criminals first harmed animals as children. We can reduce violent crime by teaching children to respect and love animals when they are between the ages of  three and eight, when they are most impressionable.  And inspiring true stories about pets, stories like yours,  can help!


What Can Your Animal Rescue Storybook Do?

Your animal rescue children's book memorializes your personal  experience for you and your family. But that's not all! 


  • Raise Money for an Animal Rescue - If your pet was adopted from a rescue, your story can become an awesome, tax deductible donation to that nonprofit organization AND a great tool for mission education and fundraising.  That's right - your rescue pet's story can actually help save more animals.  Pretty cool, right?

  • Help Children Learn Empathy - Honestly, the world needs more empathy.  Empathy, the ability to understand others and feel compassion for them, is arguably the most defining human quality – setting us apart from smart machines and even other animals. Without it, we couldn’t function in social areas such as playgrounds and schools, or in workplaces as adults.

  • Highlight the Value of Pet Relationships - What does that mean?  Well, the homeless pet population is really high and pet's need every advocate they can get!  Positive pet testimonials are a great way to bring attention to how awesome having a pet can be and how much love they bring to our lives.  Your pet's story will undoubtedly be responsible for some freedom rides!

Client Testimonial

"Treehouse Toons has been everything we needed and more! Our relationship started with a book idea and has grown so much. One book turned into two books. Then activity guides for the books and logo items for our nonprofit. They are always thinking of ways to help us not only with our ideas but how to execute them and make them a reality."

- Angel, Director, New Leash On Life


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