Enrichment Programs for Children

Fun, Live Storytelling that Delivers Animal Themed SEL Learning!


We believe that learning should be FUN! Our unique SEL Enrichment Programs bring educational messages to life with animal adventure stories.

Meaningful, Educational Messages

  • We make developing social skills GREAT FUN!

  • We tackle social emotional learning (SEL) in an accessible, non-judgmental format.

  • Help kids see through emotionally charged media messages they find in every day on TV and in video games.

  • Students learn about kindness, empathy, courage, friendship and more while building social, emotional and critical thinking skills.

  • Inspire kids to find common ground with each other.

  • Help children to see value in all living things!

LIVE Theatrical Storytelling featuring

Ranger & Blueberry

Our performance fits into 30-45 minute sessions!


Exciting Interactive Learning

  • Audience participation helps kids understand and apply concepts learned throughout the LIVE program.

  • Activity guides and learning packs help to reinforce topics in the classroom and at home.

  • Our program is not federally overseen or funded because we believe social and emotional growth is personal, with children developing these skills at their own pace.

One-time visit and multiple appearance options available.

Low-cost, value added program to help you meet your SEL goals

Indoor & Outdoor options address social distancing concerns,

Our specialized programs are perfect for:

  • Pre-K through 6th grade classes & assemblies

  • Community events & festivals

  • Libraries & summer reading programs

  • Homeschool groups

Ready to schedule an appearance?

Areas we serve:

  • Middle Tennessee

  • East & West Tennessee

  • Parts of KY, GA & NC

P.S. Our program not only teaches about being kind to animals - it gives back to them too!  A portion of all proceeds goes towards local animal shelters & rescues. Looking to make an even bigger difference? Check out our Lionhearts Project below!


Love what you've learned about us so far? Love animals as much as we do? Then, you'll really love our . . .

Lionhearts Project