Educating with Our Inspiring Animal Themed SEL Programs

Students need to develop both social emotional and academically in order to become caring and respectful  in addition to efficient and productive.  Children need to develop moral character for success in life.  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) operates from the perspective that who you are is more important than what you know with focus on self-confidence, resiliency and individual strengths.  Our SEL programs help educators integrate SEL into their teaching lesson planning with annual and every day resources.


Bring Our Theatrical Storyteller Program to Your School or Homeschooling Group

Our Theatrical Storyteller SEL Program helps Tennessee's children to build social emotional learning skills through our exclusive animal books and resource guides for educators and homeschoolers, and Live Storyteller Program starring Red the Reading Fox and Blueberry Dog. Our Live social emotional learning program makes appearances at early learning centers, elementary schools, and community events where we offer an interactive storytelling experience that is enriched with social emotional learning for kids ages 3 and up.  Learn more >>

Fun! Animal Themed Social Emotional Learning Kits

Storybooks. Activity Guides and Resources for Both in the Classroom and Homeschooling

Animal Theme SEL Storybooks


The bedtime story is one of the last standing family traditions.  It's that one time of day that has not been flooded with media, when everyone puts down their smartphones and gives their undivided attention to reading together.  This makes children's books powerful tools for meeting social emotional education goals.  

Social Emotional Learning Kits


Educational children's books and activity guides are a great way to deliver your nonprofit's mission education to the local community and beyond.  Your branded storybook can be fiction or it can even tell a true story of rescue and rehabilitation that your organization is proud of.  Either way, we can help you transform your educational message into well written, beautifully illustrated storybooks teachers, parents and children will love to read over and over again.