Read & Rescue
Rural Community
Reading Program

Kids love reading our

storybooks about animals,

nature and conservation.

And they earn cool


Together We Can Spread Love & Respect Everywhere!

Treehouse Publishing proudly presents the Read & Rescue Rural Community Reading Program! With our lofty goal to help all the animals, we know that just making children's books isn't enough. We need and want to do more.  So, we bring fun and educational, live events to communities in partnership with libraries, schools and retail stores. Red the Reading Fox interacts with children in your community during these free “read and sing together" sessions.” Red the Fox makes reading fun, entertaining and educational for the whole family. 

Our goal with this program is to get children and families excited about animals and the planet. See, we love animals but sadly there are many that are not safe in this world. Those poor animals are the animals non-profits work to rescue. We help non-profits share their rescue mission with children through our beautiful children’s books. While our children's books raise money for non-profits they also help to insure that that these organizations have the resources needed to help the animals.  No purchase is required.  It’s free to attend.  We’re just excited to be able to share our love of animals and nature with all of you.

Have you fallen in love with our mission yet?

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The Read & Rescue Program

The Read & Rescue Program makes reading "cool" for event the most reluctant reader.  How do we do it?  We take away the "nerdy boredom" and replace it with the higher level of self esteem that comes from children understanding that their actions can make a difference in the world.  With every book they read, they are helping to save, feed and improve the lives of animals.  And they know it because we reward them for it!

When participating in the Read & Rescue Program children earn a participation patch.  Ask about our inventive program to learn more about the positive reinforcement we provide to kid who read books that help animal and environmental causes.

WHERE DO WE APPEAR? We love to appear at community events,  home school groups, schools, and retail locations that sell our books and merchandise.


Brick & Mortar Store Appearances

As a business owner or retailer you want to know how our appearance benefits you, right? In addition to book signings, we bring family fun with "in costume" read and sing sessions for kids.  This program increases marketing and exposure for your business.  We advertise every appearance as an event in relevant social media and event calendars.  And if our merchandise is being sold inside, our appearances help to sell it.  Learn more about becoming a retailer >>>

Our appearance makes a great outdoor field trip solution.  Your class can have a field trip outdoors without even leaving school grounds, or we can pack it up and take it to a local park.  Reading with Red the Reading Fox is fun.  Because it’s all about animals and the planet the park is the perfect place to read and sing with Red.  After an entertaining book reading and sing along session children get to learn animal facts and even talk about children's book careers.

Everyone has a great time your event when Red the Reading Fox shows up! We provide an entertaining break for parents when Red sits down, surrounded by children, to read and sing together.  And we appear for free in exchange for the opportunity to raise money for non-profits causes through the sale of our books between shows.



Bring It Home with the  Read & Rescue Program

children's book program that teaches empathy and respect for animals

Contact us for more information about our Program and how to schedule an appearance in your community.