Our Awesome Programs

Treehouse Publishing Group, located in Jamestown Tennessee, specializes in the creation and publication of children's books about causes.  Our passion for children, animals and the planet has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.  We believe children's literature has the power to shape the future by changing the children view social, emotional and environmental issues..  That's why we create ethical children's books that help parents raise their kids to be more socially and environmentally aware. Many of our stories teach empathy and build understanding while raising money for great causes.


Publishing Services for Authors

We're a traditional independent publisher with an eye on the future. Our niche is children's books that bring complex social, environmental and economical situations down to a level children can identify with.  We do this while giving back to the nonprofit organizations that tackle these very issues every day. We publish and distribute in USA.

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Titles that Raise Money for Causes

As far as we know, we offer the highest return to nonprofits of all merchandise based fundraising in the USA.  Every nonprofit has stories to tell.  Some of those stories would make great children's books - inspiring, empowering and educating.  We're the publisher that transforms nonprofit stories into exclusive children's books that raise money for great causes.

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#GiveEveryday Shop & Support Causes

We believe in the BUY LOCAL philosophy. We provide wholesale and distribution programs to independently owned and operated shops in the USA.  And we DO NOT make our merchandise available on AMAZON.   Our merchandising program offers shop owners an affordable way to add storybooks, character apparel and/or gift sets to their shop offerings.  Learn More >>


Community Sunshine & Storytime

We support communities and non-profits in our surrounding area with our Sunshine & Storybook events.  We pack into our super fun, mobile bookshop and truck on out to areas where children don't have a local bookstore.  There, one of our beloved storybook characters reads to children. Its an engaging and entertaining, FREE community service we provide.  Afterwards, families are welcome to browse our selection of storybooks about animals and the plant that raise money for great non-profit causes.  Learn More >>