Mildred’s Mouse Storybook



Our Mildred the Cat Series focuses on social and emotional issues young children face, topics like friendship, sharing, expressing feelings and more.

This title: MILDRED’S MOUSE brings , helpfulness and friendship down to a basic level young children can identify with. Its simply written and beautifully illustrated story that also fosters understanding around health issues due to age.

Mildred’s a happy old cat.  She has everything she needs in her tidy little house. But, Mildred also has one thing she doesn’t need in her house – a mouse.  Mildred’s a bit too old and tired to catch her unwanted house guest. Mouse takes advantage of Mildred’s elderly ways, until one day when Mouse realizes that Mildred actually needs help.  An unwanted house guests becomes a welcome friend in this touching story about two unlikely friends.

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