Adorable Ruffle sleeved Onesie Gift Set featuring farm animals and our original storybook "Mildred's Mouse"


Set includes:

  • (1) character ruffle onesie (blend)
  • (1) two-ply bib (cotton)
  • (1) storybook (soft cover)


Ruffle Onesie & Mildred's Mouse Set

  • Mildred is a great character!  She’s a seasoned elderly cat who’s led a full life.  She’s here to share her memorable adventures and wisdom with your children.  This series focuses on broad thinking skills, helping children learn to see two sides to every story, caring about the feelings of others- building the foundation for empathy and understanding.

    Mildred's Mouse Book #1

    Mildred lives in a cozy house alone.  This old kitty likes her solitude. You see, Mildred has had her broken by many she thought were her friends.  Being alone means never having to trust anyone. If she has her way she’ll be alone forever!  But things are not going as planned.  An unwanted guest has arrived - a mouse.  A mouse!  A mouse!  And, the mouse is doing everything he can to stay in the house.  Mildred wants him gone!... or does she?  Read and find out in Mildred’s Mouse.

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