Infant Bedtime Story & Sleeper Gift Set

This set is sure to cause fox filled sweet dreams!


Set oncludes:

  • 1 (one) sleep & play character pajama
  • 1 (one) Harvest Fox Stroybook


Our infant sleeper pajama with gusseted feet  is made of wonderfully soft, very breathable cotton/polyester blend fabric. It is durably stitched and super soft! It will keep your tiny lady or lil’ man comfy and cozy while he or she looks the cutest, showing off this exclusive character apparel that features the hand drawn art of an award winning children’s illustrator.

Broadway Stray Sleeper & Story Set

  • Adorably sized for your littles, our 6.5 inch storybooks are perfect bound (no staples) and just the right length for bedtime. Each features illustrations from award winning children’s book artist AJ Wanegar.

    When her family cannot keep them, a litter of puppies are left out on the city streets to fend for themselves.  One by one they get carted off to homes... all except for one.  Left all alone, how will La’Ti survive? Read and find out in this rags to riches puppy dog’s tale.

  • These are carefree machine wash and dry. Minimal fading is typical and the result of cleaning for all fabrics. No ironing in necessary. Use only color safe bleach.