Monkey Dog In America

Updated: May 21

We've got an audience of animal lovers here at Treehouse Toons. Our ongoing work supporting animal related charities has earned us a reputation for offering up the most inspiring and insightful children's books that teach empathy not only towards animals but also towards each other.

Children can learn so much from animals!

But children cannot have serious content all the time. They need an equal amount of silly, giddy, fun reading. Speaking of fun children's books....

Monkey Dog just arrived and is in stock!

When I spoke with author, Steve Dixon, about this title I was excited to take a look at it. I love the retro art. It called to me from deep in my childhood memories of watching Under Dog. And I will say, it does not disappoint! Armed with his inhaler, Monkey Dog's CAN DO attitude is a most for your child's bookshelf.

Calling all children, parents of children, people who know children, people who are children at heart.
Who or what is Monkey-Dog?
 Monkey Dog! is a new breed-of Super Hero. Half Dog, Half Monkey with a range of Super-Hero Skills. What's not to like?
What is Monkey-Dog! About?
Not too many spoilers... but like all Super-Heroes, he is always fighting crime. And, like all fictional comic towns, there is a villain network trying to thwart his efforts - all led by the local crime boss, the villainous Jee Rex!
Will Monkey-Dog! Be able to save the day?
Written by Steve Dixon - A poet - He states "Monkey-Dog! exists in his own Rhyming (Uni) verse"