Reading Brings Relief

Updated: Jul 1

A long time about (that sometimes still feels like just yesterday) I was the parent of a very ill young child in the hospital. For any parent and child it simply is an incredibly difficult time. It is days, weeks or even months of ringing hands with worry for the parents. It can be very boring, lonely and scary for the child. Finding relief is important for everyone in this situation.

Reading is one of those activities that can help! It works towards normalizing the hospitalization experience which is actually anything but normal. Strange sights, sounds, and smells, and lots of different people to get used to can be a very stressful time for both parents and children.

Reading is known to reduce stress and have a calming effect. If you are unable to be with your child at any time, you can ask the hospital volunteer service if there is someone who can read to your child in your absence.

We send books to area hospitals to support families going through these difficult times.

Helping is what we're all about.

Hospitals: If you are affiliated with a hospital in or around Tennessee and you'd like books for your children's unit, please email us. We'll help if we can!