Professional Skydiver Combing TN in Search of Lost Dog

One June 9th a professional skydiver was traveling from Florida to Ohio through Tennessee when his dog slipped out of their vehicle on the side of highway 75. They were traveling on the north bound side. When they pulled over to switch drivers Frankie, a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel, must have hopped out undetected. The next thing they knew, Frankie was missing.

Gian Franco Malinconi, Frankie's owner, describes the dog as "family" and pleaded with the community in the area to help him locate his dog. Local news picked up the story. When we read about Frankie being missing in the Royal Blue Wildlife Management area we just had to get involved.

We sent volunteers, including our Creative Director, out to the area for daily searches. We passing out flyers. We shared Frankie's information far and wide on Social Media. Then, we contacted shelters, rescues, pet groomers and vets in Tennessee and neighboring states. Because Frankie was lost on a major highway someone may have picked him up - he could be anywhere by now.

Gian stayed in Tennessee, at a hotel, and searched for Frankie for over a week. He canceled skydiving appearances to look for his beloved dog. He has since been forced to return to work but the search continues with many animal rescues alerted and lots of community support. EVERYONE is looking for Frankie and praying for his safe return.

If you know where Frankie is do not wait - call now!

CALL 850-933-5850