Your Nonprofit Stories Aren't Just for Social Media

Updated: Jul 1

Your nonprofit uses storytelling and social media to build visibility. You're goal is to grow a loyal audience of donors who will support your mission. For the most part, social media storytelling is a great strategy for your nonprofit. Is it enough? Social media reaches the adult audience that engages in online activity. That's great - it reaches people capable of making a donation today. But who is raising the donors of the future? With the help of parents, teachers, and libraries - we are!

We've been watching the trends change. What people do and how we learn is always changing. Technology relentlessly races forward. Children are using video games, computers and cell phones at earlier and earlier ages. The animals and our planet are getting squeezed out of our lives by the flashy glam of technology. The family camping trip comes with the tween who never stops looking at their tablet screen. We couldn't help but ask ourselves, "where does the next generation of nonprofit supporters come from?"

As we evaluated the situation it became more and more clear. Nonprofits need to connect with children. The stories of the animals that are saved, the work done to help the planet, the injustices that are fought, must reach children. And, they will reach children through guidance of the parents who are loyal to nonprofits, right? Maybe. Parents need tools to teach with. That's where we come to the rescue. Our children's books are, or course, age appropriate and fun. But they're also doing an important job - teaching children about nonprofit missions in addition to morals and values.

We believe in our mission to support nonprofit causes. We love doing it. Its the right thing to do. That's why we set out to become the most profitable merchandise based fundraiser in the country. That means we pay more to the nonprofit than we pay ourselves. Combine that with our dedication to provide ethically strong reading for children and that is how Treehouse Publishing Group, makers of Treehouse Toons, became "a book making hero" for nonprofits all over the USA.