Everyone Is Essential

This morning started like any other morning. I stirred my coffee as my computer was starting. And then it happened - a news caption infuriated me!


People who know me will tell you how much I loath Walmart. I grew up watching the retailers "big fish" eat the little fish. I represent the 3rd generation of my family to operate a small business so I take it to heart when I see these big stores causing local businesses to shut their doors. Its not just the store that angers me - its the philosophy of mere convenience and bargains that drives it. I often feel like these huge retail corporations have made the consumer and unknowing participant in the destruction of their own community.

During the Covid19 pandemic the government called big box retailers "essential". At they called just about every independently owned small business "non-essential". The local baker, farmer, hardware store, florist and more... we were all told we didn't matter. I shook my head, didn't you? Didn't you wonder why you can by a loaf of bread at Walmart but not at the local baker? If we need to social distance isn't it easier to do that at your small local store where there's not, just guessing, more than 35 people in the building at any given moment? I can pull my car up to the local bakery and look in the window to see if its crowded. I can even wait in my car until the people inside finish their business. Seems pretty safe to me. I digress.

Anyway, as consumers we should be outraged by Walmart's bold move which basically calls the local people non-essential. Who do they think will shop at their stores is no one has a paycheck? I mean, in many communities the small businesses have died on the vine because of the chain store's cheap (both in price and quality) made in China merchandise. So Walmart employees are among the folks who use their paycheck to shop at the store.

WE ARE ESSENTIAL! repeat that to yourself until you feel strong enough to stand up to these big box stores. Send them a message. How? Start by not using the self checkouts in these stores. Use your buying power to tell them that PEOPLE MATTER, our jobs matter. Maybe you have to drive a little farther for your goods. I have been doing that for years. I practice the BUY LOCAL philosophy.

Its my blog, so its my opinion. You can write your own blog with your own opinion.

My business and my paycheck are essential to my family. Your business or job is essential to your family. The Walmart cashier's paycheck is essential to their family. Every paycheck is essential to your community. Each paycheck directly affects how many people in your own community can pay their rent, eat 3 meals day, put shoes on their children's feet, shop at ANY businesses in the community, and so on...

I am one person that is tired of seeing commercial about how we are "all in this together" from large corporations who treat the public like we are all invisible and non-essential.