What would you do with a
Realistic Pet Portrait?

Raffle or auction off a custom pet portrait for quick fundraising when you need it.  

Imagine the fundraising possibilities!

Looking for a Awesome Raffle Fundraising Idea for Animal Lovers?
How About a Life-Like Pet Portrait?

Our life-like, custom pet portraits are a unique gift for any pet lover and a beautiful way to remember a dearly missed furry friend.  Working from multiple photographs that you provide, we create a beautiful work of art that captures your beloved pet's personality.

Your completed portrait can be made into wall art or used the embellish the product of your choosing.


Portfolio of Pet Portraits

Here are some examples of our pet portraits.  We show our work along side actual photos of these pets so that you can see the quality of the artwork we produce.

These are all portraits of real life rescue dogs that we had the honor of creating for the rescue that saved them.

How Does It Become A Gift?

In our studio we're able to apply your pet's portrait to all kinds of great gift  items.  Check out some of our selection below.