Our Non-Profit Children's Book Program

Everything you need to know to decide if our program is right for you.


Who are we? What do we do?

Treehouse Publishing, makers of Treehouse Toons, is an independent publisher specializing fun and educational children’s books.  We’re based out of Jamestown, Tennessee.  There, the core of our mission is to help non-profits increase awareness and funding for their worthy causes through our Exclusive Non-Profit Books program.

What about product quality?

We create 5-star rated children’s books for non-profits.  Each book is created exclusively for the nonprofit with input by the non-profit every step of the way.  We use higher than average quality materials. And our titles are printed in the USA.

Once made how are the books sold?

It is YOUR original children’s book that tells YOUR story.  Supporters of the non-profits we partner with love and support branded products that are unique to the causes they donate to. Ultimately YOU decide where the title will be sold.  We have lots of options and we'll help you with the directions you want to go.

Sell to your present followers, at events, through local retail shops, on Amazon, in our online store, and more.

Why should you offer a printed children's book?

Studies show that more than 55% of parents read out loud to children under the age of 9.  And, 81% these parents and children still prefer a printed book over the ebook to share.  Whether it is the preservation of tradition, the look and feel of the paper book in their hands, or just the connection felt by parent and child huddled together with a printed book - it’s clear that the magic of the printed children’s book is alive and well.  No digital book is going to huff, puff, and blow the printed children’s book over anytime soon.

What does it cost?

You don’t need to invest big money up front.  We love our non-profit program and work side by side with each participating organization through every step of the process.  This means we also help with letters to sponsors, kickstarter campaigns, email campaigns, and more. Love the idea but tight on funds?  We can help you put together crowd funding, email campaigns to sponsors, and more.

Printing verses Digital

If you have printing literally anything for your organization, you know that the more you buy the lower the cost per item.  It’s the same with books.  We offer a number of programs designed to help non-profits regardless of your size.  Profit will vary based on the number of copies printed.  No pre-printing or bulk purchase is required.  The minimum order quantity available to take advantage of wholesale pricing is 500 copies.  We do offer digital flipbooks for organizations who feel that makes the most sense for them.

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