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This is unique non-profit fundraising and storytelling at its best!  If you are looking for a branded fundraiser, one that is both educational and profitable, you're in the right place.  We write, illustrate and publish - transforming YOUR mission into an exclusive non-profit children's books inspired by non-profit causes.  And, they raise money for the causes they represent. We offer the most financially rewarding, unique merchandise fundraiser for nonprofits in the USA.  What makes our program so successful?  Through our product and our marketing alliance with we non-profit storytelling into family friendly, educational fundraising that increases awareness. These wonderful books make very effective fund raising for animals and the environment. 


Answers to Common Questions About Our Fundraising Program

Who are we? What do we do?

Treehouse Publishing, makers of Treehouse Toons, is an independent publisher specializing fun and educational children’s books.  We’re based out of Jamestown, Tennessee.  There, the core of our mission is to help non-profits increase awareness and funding for their worthy causes through our Exclusive Non-Profit Children's Book Fundraising Program.

What about product quality?

We create 5-star rated, exclusive children’s books for non-profits.  Each book is created specifically for the nonprofit, branded with that non-profit's information, and published to raise money for that specific cause.  We do this with input by the non-profit every step of the way.  We use higher than average quality materials. And our titles are printed in the USA.

Where do these books come from?
Once made how are they sold?

YOUR original children’s book tells YOUR story or mission.  Its made through a collaboration between us and you. We are the experts who know how to bring your story to life as a children's book.  We support your organization with writing, illustration, production, marketing and distribution. But you'll inform the process at every level. And Ultimately YOU decide where the title will be sold.  We have lots of options and we'll help you with the channels you choose.

Why should you offer a printed children's book? Digital? Both?

Studies show that more than 55% of parents read out loud to children under the age of 9.  And, 81% these parents and children still prefer a printed book over the ebook to share.  Whether it is the preservation of tradition, the look and feel of the paper book in their hands, or just the connection felt by parent and child huddled together with a printed book - it’s clear that the magic of the printed children’s book is alive and well.  No digital book is going to huff, puff, and blow the printed children’s book over anytime soon.

What does it cost?

Love the idea but tight on funds? You'll be surprised when you see just how affordable our program is.  We love our non-profit program and work with each participating organization through every step of the process.  You don't need to hire and pay a writer or illustrator which saves you big money!  And printed books are wholesale priced leaving lots of room for your cause to profit.  We believe investment should not be a barrier standing between your organization and the educational value of your very own children's book.  If funds are needed to make it happen - we'll help with letters to sponsors, kickstarter campaigns, email campaigns, and more.

Video Trailer for:

How I Became A Hero

5 Star Rated Children's Book 

How long does it take?

If your organization is in desperate need - an exclusive title is not the immediate answer.  Talk to us about other fast moving fundraising options to use until your exclusive book is ready.  

You exclusive title can take anywhere from 3 months to 18 months to make - quality matters so we won't rush your project.

How much does my organization earn?

Depending upon which program options are right for your organization, your non-profit will earn up to 70% of the purchase price for each book sold.  We do offer the highest payout of any merchandise based fund raiser that we know of.  AND your title will be exclusively earning money for your cause - not available anywhere else.

Fundraising & Storytelling Year Round

One of the awesome benefits of your exclusive storybook is that it can raise funds all year, in many different ways.  It can be sold at a retail price, given as a gift with donation, and marketed through online booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble to name a few.  It also makes a great impulse purchase item at your adoption events.  

Marketing Alliance for More Awareness

We do not "sell" books to non-profits.  We build relationships.  That means that we work beside you to find opportunities and solutions that increase awareness about your cause and help you sell the storybook.  When you talk with us you will see - we are big hearted people who identify with the missions of the non-profits we partner with.

Exclusive Non-Profit Children's Books

These titles directly benefit the non-profit they were created for.


New Leash On Life

Lebanon Tennessee USA

Paws Of Honor

McLean, Virginia USA

Sunshine Dog Rescue

Phoenix Arizona USA


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