Let's Work Together to Raise Up Animal Lovers

We partner with nonprofit animal causes and businesses to bring energetic and impactful social emotional education to your community. One of the most unusual features of our SEL programs is that we help animals while teaching children. Why do we do this? We believe that rescue animals provide real life examples of all five formative skills taught in SEL.  And the natural curiosity about animals that children possess is the key to getting even the most reluctant kids to embrace kindness, challenge, differences and more.  After all, rescue animals are survivors who possess all the qualities SEL teaches children - empathy, self-control, integrity, acceptance and definitely grit!  Through the eyes of rescue animals children can witness how everything from the simplest kindness to the most impressive perseverance truly does make a difference!


We Deliver Fun & Engaging Social Emotional Education Sponsors Get All the Applause!


Community Benefits of Sponsorship

Age appropriate social and emotional learning (SEL) programs lead to measurable and improvements in many areas of children’s lives.

In the short term, our SEL programs:

  • enhance children’s confidence in themselves

  • increase their engagement in school

  • reduce conduct problems

  • promote desirable behaviors

In the long term, children with greater social emotional competence are more likely to:

  • be ready for college

  • be more successful in their careers

  • have more positive relationships

  • better mental health

  • become engaged citizens

The success of SEL is backed by research that shows why SEL is important for positive outcomes, both while students are in school and as they grow into adults. Research further supports that school-based approaches to SEL would maximize positive outcomes for our nation’s children.

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