Learn & Play Animal Themed Activity Kits

Recommended for Ages 2-5

Our "Stuck On Animals" are fun, magnetic, animal themed activity kits that focus on morals and values while providing nature education about the animals who share our planet.  Teaching kids about protecting and preserving nature is an important part of nature education. In addition to learning about animals, our animal themed activity kits help to tech children empathy during their early childhood education years.  

What's included in our animal themed activity kits:


ONE - Comic Style Story​

  • Teaches fun facts about the featured animal

  • Facts embedded in an action packed story

  • Features easily read fonts for visual learners

  • Colorful comic book style illustrations 

  • Numbered scenes reinforce counting

  • Compact style is educational and fun while also making these perfect for on-the-go learning

ONE - Animal Facts & Activities

  • Reinforces learning from the comic story

  • Debunk fiction about the featured animal

  • Word searches, mazes and games included​

ONE - "Stuck On Animals" Magnets

  • 12 or more magnets

  • features the animal of the month

  • plus learning and fact magnets

  • magnet activities coordinate with past and future sets to expand and reinforce learning

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