How We Make Our Animal Education Products


1. Developing An Animal Education Concept

Each of our projects begins with a concept and a list of the the educational content with want included in the final product. Next, our five star writer/editor where it goes through a series of steps to transform it into an exciting and fun story kids will love. Learn more >

2. Hand Drawn, Original Sketches and Inking

The story content then goes to our art department.  There it is brought to life in panel sketches that become an inked rough draft for the final story. Learn more >

3. Animal Education that's Attention Grabbing

Children love the high quality, color rich, comic style animal education products we create in our Tennessee studio.  All the art is hand drawn and painted using specialty software and mimics real artist paint and materials for dramatic, attention grabbing results. Learn more >

4. Thoughtful Font Choices Matter

Though studies show that the Dyslexia font did not impact reading accuracy or speed, many parents tell us that their child was less frustrated when reading thick, clear font styles. So we choose fonts that will make animal education resources easier for those children who struggle with letter and word recognition or eye sight issues too

5. American Made from Recycled Material

We use made in Tennessee recycled paper to produce all of our animal education resources.  The finished animal education products are proudly made in the USA and then distributed through wholesale a retail channels to children who are always excited to read about the next animal!

Our Animal Themed Social Emotional Education is Made with LOVE!

We're passionate about animals and nature.  Animals and people have a lot of common needs - food, shelter, good health, safety from predators . . . Animals feel suffering and joy just like we do.   Animal themed social emotional learning strategies help children understand emotions while raising animal lovers - it's a perfect partnership that we're passionate about.


Presentation Matters

Creative illustration and design helps learners get the most out of our attention grabbing animal education resources.


Recycled & USA Made

All our animal education resources are high quality, and made with recycled materials. 


Nonprofit Collaboration

We partner with animal causes to raise awareness and support for animal rescue and rehabilitation.


Women Owned
& Family Run

We're a women owned family business located in rural Tennessee where we make our products in small batches.