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Non-Profit Fundraising

No Barriers Just Great Fundraising

Big Impact – Little Effort

Custom branded products can have a profound impact on your non-profit fundraising goals.  Your supporters feel good about giving to your cause and they aren’t afraid to show it – on their shirts, hats, mugs – everywhere!  But unless you can afford to invest in large quantities of each product you want to offer there’s not a lot of profit to be hand — until now!  We make it possible for your nonprofit to benefit from our bulk buying power, our professional product designers AND order fulfillment.

Exclusively Yours

With a lot of fundraising opportunities your organization spends its time marketing the fundraising company’s name and products or services.  BUT at Treehouse Publishing we spend our time creating original products exclusively for YOUR organization.  Our organizations market them “together” and when we do that we are marketing your organization too.

We Power Your Fundraising

Besides the cost of bulk ordering inventory, who has tones of space to warehouse cartons and cartons of products?  Do you?  We didn’t think so.  And then there is the time consuming order fulfillment your already understaffed not-for-proft organization would have to find the time for – like that miracle will happen! We eliminate all the barriers to entry and provide the most unusual and profitable opportunities for your non-profit to raise funds without altering your organization’s workflow.

Core Fundraising Products

Your Own Children’s Book

Its not just any children’s book, it’s YOUR children’s book.  We work with you to write and illustrate a story that is exclusive to your organization.  These stories often come from the non-profit’s real life experience.  This makes it special not only for you but for your supporters.

Start with one storybook or plan an series.  If you’ve ever thought “this would make a great children’s book” then we want to talk to you about THAT story.

Exclusive Up-Sell Products

Truly custom products need to be about more than just your logo.  They’re about the “experience” of your non-profit and the way supporting your cause warms the hearts of your organization AND your supporters.

We create original designs that your audience will love.  And, because we don’t charge for the creation of the art – you can offer a fresh design each season, year after year.

How Does It All Work?

Sign Up

First, simply sign up to get started.  Fill out an easy form that asks what kinds of fundraising products you want to begin with.  Then, we work directly with you, explaining the process along the way.


Second,  using information we gather from you, we put together a fundraising strategy.  Then, we go to work designing exclusive and original products to meet your fundraising needs.


Third, We work together marketing your fundraiser with you.  We’re part of your team – planning seasonal and event based fundraising in addition to year round efforts.

No Obligation.  No Investment.  Let’s Get Started.