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Inspiring & Unique Fundraising Ideas for Animal Causes
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We help non-profit organizations like yours to raise awareness by providing the most unique fundraising idea for non-profit shelters and rescues. Our mission is to help you fund your mission. So we created our non-profit children's book program to do just that.  We turn your organization's mission and experiences into branded storytelling at its best AND raise money for your cause. Our talented and experienced team transforms the true stories of animal rescue and care into powerful and exciting stories that convey important messages about real-life issues. As rescue pet parents we’re passionate about helping your animal shelter, rescue, or sanctuary to help more animals. We work side by side with our participating non-profits to create unique fundraising animal lovers will flock to.  We are committed to providing a teamwork experience you'll never forget.

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Our Branded Children's Books Bring Your Message Home Where They Change People's Perceptions About Animals

One of the most unique benefits of this program is our ability to put your non-profit's mission right into the hands of families through our storytelling. These vibrant colored storybooks offer families a fun and entertaining way of learning about the impact of many issues that affect animals and the planet while fundraising for your non-profit shelter or rescue. Furthermore, our highly recommended children's books spread awareness when shared in your community libraries or schools. 

True Stories Make Great Storybooks

We collaborate with your non-profit cause to transform true stories of your mission into children's books that raise money while increasing awareness for your cause. Why would your non-profit want to turn their stories into children's books? Honestly, there's no better way to bring your animal welfare message home to families and children than through children's books. We use award winning illustration and five star writing techniques in these storybooks, brining YOUR MESSAGE down to a child's level. There, it can make an unforgettable impression on them that will share the level of care they provide to animals as adults. The bedtime story is one of the few long time family traditions that is still standing today. More than 77% of parents still read aloud to kids 8 and under. Beyond the bedtime story, there's no better way to get teens interested in volunteering than to teach them the who and why of your organization through a youth novel. 

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Raise Future Animal Lovers
Now & Get Future Leaders

Sharing your mission through an exclusive storybook is an awesome way to raise money for your cause.  Think about it... parents by books for their children anyway and this provides an opportunity for them to use their storybook budget to also help your cause. Plus, our books are the gateway to raising future generations to become animal lovers and non-profit supporters.  Our program creates books to reinforce the love of animals and the planet from age 3 all the way up to 15.

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Share While You Fundraise

We help get the word out! We bring your mission to life in a way children can identify with.  Then, together, we share your mission with families, libraries and schools. By making your non-profits most heart warming stories into children's books you will increase awareness and fundraise at the same time. Sharing your story with the right audience is important.  That's why for offer age appropriate book creation: Picture (3-8), First Chapter (7-10), Youth Chapter (9-15) Niche Specialty Comic Book Novels (13-18)

Get A Beautiful Mission Based Children’s Book

Using award winning illustration and five star writing techniques we tell YOUR STORY in children’s books that offer your organization a chance to bring your message down to a child’s level. There, it can make an unforgettable impression. Together we’ll inspire children and families to get their hands dirty, get involved, and become part of your community of like-minded individuals who think the status quo's gotta go. 

Learn About Book Creation  

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More Than Great Storybooks

Merchandise Fundraising Ideas

We make merchandise fundraising easy for any size rescue, shelter or sanctuary.  We own our own equipment for printing on holiday ornaments, apparel and gifts so that your organization can offer branded, original merchandise to your fans without investing in large quantities.


Ebooks and downloadable products make great "gift with donation solutions" for your nonprofit. Let us create an original downloadable gift your your next funding campaign.

Get Top Notch Virtual Fundraising Support

Your donors will "flip" for our branded downloadable fundraising incentives. Our interactive digital flipbooks offer instant gratification when offered as a donation incentive. And they make it possible to thank donors while sharing the message of your mission all over the globe. Ask for a link to view a sample flipbook title. Learn more >>>

And don't forget to consider all the ways that downloadable learning and activity guides can incentivize the sale of your non-profit organization's children's book.


What does it cost?

Everyone knows that Amazon and KDP make it possible for you to make your own book list it online for sale.  But few people consider this:

  • Creating a 5-star rated children's book requires experience, 

  • Hiring freelance writers and illustrators to create your book can get pretty expensive before the book is even printed.

  • Amazon keeps up to 50% of your book's retail price for themselves plus printing costs.  When you do the math (retail price - cost of creation - Amazon fees=) there's a mere crumb left for your organization. Don't take out word for it - try out the Amazon Seller Calculator.

We've designed the best programs for non-profits who want to actually make money with their own children's book.  Our options are flexible, helpful and create 5-star reviewed books that sell.  Best of all, your non-profit gets to actually gets to keep more of the money.  Sometimes the Amazon route is right for a non-profit and that's okay too.  We will work with you to weigh the options and help you be successful in whatever route you choose.

We've got options for just about any financial situation.

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"Your spirit of giving is like no other. Thank you so much! I appreciate the time you take and know these books are going to make such an impact. We wouldn't be able to say that w/o you. And I'm so appreciative that you are always willing to help at every turn!  Thank you :)"