Our Social Emotional Learning Programs Build Awareness & Fundraise for Animal Causes

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We're passionate about helping animals but we're not a rescue. We're artists and writers who are on a mission to teach empathy, respect, integrity and perseverance to children.  Children need to develop moral character for success in life.  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) operates from the perspective that who you are is more important than what you know with focus on self-confidence, resiliency and individual strengths.  Our SEL programs help educators integrate SEL into their teaching lesson planning with annual and every day resources.

What does social emotional learning have to do with rescue animals?  We think they fit perfectly!  Here's why:

We believe that rescue animals provide real life examples of all five formative skills taught in SEL.  These animals are survivors who possess all the qualities SEL aims to teach children - empathy, self-control, integrity, acceptance and definitely grit!  Through the eyes of rescue animals children can witness how everything from the simplest kindness to the most impressive perseverance truly does make a difference!

"Whoa! . . . look what they're doing. It's really different AND I really like that!" 


Live Storytelling


SEL Kits Ages 5-10


Community Based

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