Frequently Asked Questions


Are gift cards available?

Yes, gift cards are available.  Personal shopping assistance is available through chat to help you choose the perfect gift.  And, we also gift wrap.

Can a product or gift set be personalized?

Yes.  Each gift set has an additional instructions space where you can add a personal message to gift wrapping or request to add a name to a garment.

What is the return policy?

All products can be returned within 20 days of receipt EXCEPT items that have been personalized with a name the garment.  Personalized garments may only be returned if we made a production error.

Where can I learn about the nonprofit program?

Each nonprofit has different needs. So, we prefer to talk personally with you about your organization to determine the best way that we can help.  On our PUBLISHING page you can schedule an appointment to speak with one of us.

Where is Treehouse Toons located?

Treehouse Toons is the brand label of Treehouse Publishing Group. We are located in Jamestown Tennessee USA.


FB: @treehousetoons

IG: treehousetoons

Where are the products made?

Our garments come from many sources, all meet American safety standards and are ethically made.  All books under the Treehouse Toons brand are printed in the USA.  All art and design is done in the USA as well.

How much does it cost to schedule a book fair?

We offer a few different book fair packages in order to make our program accessible to groups of all sizes.  You can learn more about our book fair by clicking here or contacting us.

I'm an author.  How do I submit my book to the book fair?

We review submitted books for inclusion in our book fair on a regular basis.  Book submissions must be relevant to our niche/mission in order to be considered.  If we approve a book for inclusion, we purchase the books at a wholesale rate and resell them in our fair program. For details on how to submit your title Contact us.

Read & Rescue

Every parent buys books for their kids, right?  If you are going to buy children's books anyway, why not buy ones that help great children’s books about causes?  Many of our original titles, lesson plans and  merchandise come together to as a non-profit storytelling solution that reaches younger generations - the leaders of tomorrow.  A portion of every purchase total is donated to awesome American charities that help animals and the planet. 

We strengthen the bond between children, animals and the planet through our cultural enrichment program.  It combines an engaging puppet theater production with an exclusive book fair.  We think we produce the most entertaining book fair we’ve seen - many kids agree!

Shop with us.  Support these great nonprofit causes AND support a small business that is giving back to American communities through these non-profits and our cultural enrichment program.

Help us to help animals and the planet while earning commission.

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