Affordable Children's Book Illustrator For Hire

A digital children's book illustrator uses digital tools to produce images under the direct manipulation of the illustrator. Art by an digital children's book illustrator is distinguishable from computer-generated art, which is produced using mathematical models. A digital children's book illustrator makes their illustrations by hand, with imagination, which requires the illustrator to have all the same aptitude of a traditional "paint and paper" artist. 

How I Began My Career As A Children's Book Illustrator

I graduated from college as a "paint and paper" children's book illustrator at a time when most art for reproduction was still being made on paper. Today, according to sources, almost 90% of art for reproduction is digital.  As new generations of children's book illustrators came out of college as digital artists, many artists of my era chose to cling to their old fashioned ways - me included. It was the 90's and digital software for children's book illustrators was not producing the "handmade" look I wanted.  

Digital children's book illustration has come a long way since then. Today, a digital children's book illustrator is able to make brush strokes, watercolor affects and even create the texture of charcoal. But a children's book illustrator who learned the traditional "paint and paper" methods (that's me), has a deeper understanding of the materials which is an asset for any digital children's book illustrator.


A Children's Book Illustrator Who Stands Out

As a children's book illustrator, I stand out because of my level of determination. I am no spring chicken. I'm an illustrator who's career spans decades.  But I was detoured from being a children's book illustrator when I was hit by a car. I spent 8 years steeped in physical therapy restoring the fine motor skills required to be an illustrator.  I pursued being a children's book illustrator even when doctors said it was futile. Being a children's book illustrator means everything to me!  I truly love being a children's book illustrator!  When one truly loves what they do, it becomes easy to be the children's book illustrator that offers affordable rates and provides better customer service.

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