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Community partnership with us can make a difference where you live and work. Empathy-inspiring environmental education is a must!  And our theater assembly for children delivers!

Join Us to Make a Difference

  • Reach children and families where you do business

  • Attract incomparable media coverage

  • Reach your outreach & societal engagement goals

  • Improve your corporation's public image

  • Spotlight your brand and message

  • Make a real difference building a better future

Let us become your  "cornerstone of community relations".  We're a great way to make a real difference in the lives of the families throughout your region.

Become Our Partner

We put on the PLAY and YOU get the STANDING OVATION.


Community Impact

Our presentation will cause environmental impact through its engagement with children.  Our mission is to inspire children to grow up into the next generation of leaders in environmental health and wellness - not only for people but for animals and the planet too.

Performance Purpose

We get kids out from behind their game box and live streams using theatrical engagement. We connect them to nature,  improving environmental awareness. Together we'll teach them to make caring choices through empathy

for people, animals and the planet.

Why Partner With Us?

Partnering with us to reinforce the moral lessons of empathy and respect for nature will make a difference for children in your community.  That's not just socially responsible and good PR - It's FUN, REWARDING and leaves a lasting, positive impression your company cares! 

Diversity & Acceptance

We promote diversity and acceptance with our diverse and quirky puppet cast ranging from simple to extraordinary international handmade puppets.

Audience Participation

Children will laugh, sing, participate joyfully and learn.  I mean, what child doesn't want to talk to, laugh and sing with puppets, right?

Educational Book Packs

Performances come with a book pack for each child.  Our book packs include a beautifully illustrated storybooks and learning activities related to show topics, 


Best Places for Our Show

  • Limited availability by US state

  • Public or Private Park

  • School Playground or Auditorium

  • Business Pavilion or Building

  • Virtual Performance Packs Available

Affordable Community PR

We offer one of the most affordable, branded, environmental education community partnership programs for children and families.  We'd love to customize a package to meet your company's goals and budget.

Let's Get Started

Partner with us and non-profits in the goal to make the world a better place for the children, animals and the planet.

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