Transform Your Mission Into Tools That Teach

Every non-profit organization knows that the key to making a difference long term lies in education. Arming  and educators and parents with high-quality educational resources enables them to become exemplary instructors on your mission's key topics.  This is how YOUR exclusive children's book and companion activity packs can make an impact on children and families. 

Sample Activity Packet

Your non-profit's storybook and activity guide will be 100% original creations.  It takes time and collaboration to create our books and activities but it's all worth the wait! Your donors and board of directors will love the finished product because YOU are part of every step of its creation.  It truly is all about you and your passion for your mission - a passion you want everyone to feel!

Children cannot feel what they cannot understand.  Our children's books and activity packs bring together audio and visual learning when parents and teachers read them out loud.  Together, our books and and your inspiring stories turn the traditional bedtime story or reading circle into a great opportunity to help kids understand the world around them.

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“How I Became a Hero: Chessie’s Story’ has allowed our nonprofit the ability to educate the public about the vital role working K9s play and how we support them while passively fundraising for our Veterinary Care Program. This book has created an avenue for the nonprofit to continuously raise much needed funds during an unprecedented pandemic for the nation’s retired K9s veterinary care.”