Women-owned Storytelling on a mission to teach 
Kindness while delivering Art, Theater & Laughter to Communities


What We Do

Treehouse Toons mobile theater programs deliver social-emotional learning through LIVE performances and storytelling.  Each LIVE sow comes with a resource guide.  

Passion & Commitment

We're passionate about our mission to strengthen values and raise self esteem in today's youth. And we believe LIVE shows provide a unique opportunity to deliver SEL in a way that is both impactful and exciting.

Equal Access for Rural Communities

Rural communities often face unique challenges.  The same resources found in metro areas are often unavailable to rural schools districts, families and their children. Our mobile program is committed to providing rural communities with equal access to SEL programs and resources to the best of our ability.

We love animals and donate to nonprofit animal causes in TN.

We have educational and career backgrounds in SEL and the arts.

We're a rural Tennessee small business that understands.

Founded in 2018 by an award winning children's book illustrator, and a five-star reviewed children's book author, Treehouse Toons is honored to bring LIVE programs that teach compassion and integrity with dignity to children and families in and around Tennessee. 

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