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Early education helps to shape who we become. My Father had Dyslexia at a time when very little was known about it and it was most often undiagnosed.  He grew up being treated like a failed learner who would never amount to anything.  It showed in his slump, the posture of defeat. Today, I feel like he could have benefited from our animal education resources. 


As a child, his Dyslexia had been mistaken for a more serious disability that caused his young parents to give him up for adoption. He struggled with reading and writing during a time when more engaging animal education resources weren't yet available.  So his early childhood education consisted of learning how to survive in a state school for disabled, "unadoptable" disabled children.  At eighteen he had an education equal to that of a fourth grader.  He didn't have animal education resources that taught empathy and love so he grew up with no understanding of those things.

His story is just one of the many reasons why I decided to found a company dedicated to creating animal education resources.  Our mission is to create animal education resources that are filled with bright hopeful color and excitement so that children will want to learn about animals, nature and empathy.  Empathy for animals and nature is so important to the preservation of a healthy planet Earth and we believe animal education resources play a big part in raising up future generations who will respect our planet and its resources.

Our Animal Education Resources In A Nutshell:

Our General Illustration & Design Services:

  • Professional Illustration and design

  • We create custom animal education resources 

  • Character & animal themed merchandise

  • We print and bind animal education resources

  • Homeschool animal education resources


Our Animal Education Resource Product Lines

  • Stuck On Animals Learning Kits

  • Read & Rescue Storybooks for Animal Causes

  • Critter Careers - Animal Career Chapter Books

Wholesale Opportunities

  • Wholesale pricing available to nonprofits, our animal education resources and character merchandise is a great way to teach while fundraising.

  • Wholesale to retailers through Faire and Abound.

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