About Us

We're a wholesome mobile entertainment company providing intriguing, fun-filled children's party entertainment. We're balloon twisters and face painters that entertain children in settings ranging from birthday parties and county fairs to church celebrations around Tennessee.  Everywhere we go, we treat children with care and respect while adding laughter and joy to the world they live in.


About Our Face Painter

She loves children and animals!  And she's an award winning ,college educated artist with a background in children's book illustration.  This sets her face painting apart from others because she uses brush strokes and texture techniques other face painters do not use.

Yes, her style of face painting takes a little bit longer to compete.  But there is a level of quality to it that wows children and parents.  Most other face painters just want to make the most money they can and so they paint fast, flat, small designs for high prices.

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