Our SEL Lionhearts Project Delivers Kindness to 
Tennessee Animal Shelters & Rescues

Children Witness the Impact of Their Own Kindness


Our Lionhearts Project is a Tennessee based SEL program add-on that partners classrooms with nonprofit animal rescues to help children understand the value of kindness by putting it to the test in a real-life application. Imagine the increased self-esteem and pride of a child who gets to actually witness their empathy and kindness making a difference.


By sponsoring an animal in this SEL Program add-on, children get to witness their kindness directly impacting and improving that animal's quality of life. It's the perfect SEL program for reinforcing concepts with real-life experience.

SEL Program Summary for Educators:

Classrooms and groups participating in any SEL program with us have the opportunity to join the Lionhearts Project.  This great SEL program add-on is a partnership between us and participating nonprofit animal rescues. It allows a classroom or homeschooling group to sponsor a rescue animal.  As a team, under your supervision, children will be involved in a series of small kindnesses they perform to help a nonprofit rescue care for one animal. In return your group receives updates and photos of the animal to share with the kids so they can witness firsthand that kindness really does make a difference.


SEL Program Information for Rescues:

Animal rescue and sanctuary SEL program participants benefit through increased awareness that aims to grow your donor and volunteer participation. One of the goals of this SEL program is also to increase the population of animal lovers and advocates in future generations. Our Lionhearts Project helps reinforce SEL learning through example. The age-appropriate kind gestures provided by Lionheart Project participants help your rescue meet basic needs for this animal. In return the kids get to witness how the animal benefited from their kindness through simple sharing and communication.

Empathy and Kindness Grows

Our message that empathy and kindness make a difference does more than just teach children. What kids learn goes home to families where, like a seed, it gets planted and continues to grow inside the home.


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