Looking for a Family-Friendly Entertainment Solution?

We are balloon twisting, face painting, event entertainers on the move - delivering fun children's activities and LIVE shows in Tennessee communities .

Balloon twisting tiger

Strolling Balloon Twisters  

Our balloon twisters creatively shape balloons into unique designs and characters such as animals, hats, flowers, and more.  The number of balloons that can be twisted per hour really depends on the complexity of each design . Many artists can do 10-15 custom shapes per hour up to 25 per hour for simpler, pre-approved shapes.

If you’re planning a large event, you may want to book more than one balloon twister to ensure everyone gets a balloon. You can also hire additional services like face painting and magic shows so every guest has something to do!

Artistic Face Painters

Face Painters are great for children as well as adults!  Are you nervous that the kids will be scared of the clown?  No worries because we don't wear clown costumes!  Instead we wear balloon twister vests and colorful hats, without makeup, so kids feel comfortable.  

We use only non-toxic, water based, professional grade face paints.  Our paints wash off faces easily AND will not stain most garments.

Face painting and balloon twisting are available together for one reasonable hourly rate.


Theatrical Storytellers

Why book a Storyteller?  A great storyteller is really amazing to watch. Yes, children love games and TV, but kids will sit on the edge of their seats when a children's storyteller captures their attention. Plus storytelling promotes imagination and literacy.  Entertain kids at your next event by hiring a storyteller.

Storytelling is available by the hour or as part of your party entertainment package.  It's a great way to entertain children during a wedding ceremony!

We offer two different storytelling acts.  Kids can enjoy animal-themed storytelling with Ranger & Blueberry or fun rhyming storytelling with balloon twisting by Bendy Wendy.

Easy "Shop While You Wait" System

Our balloon twisting and face painting is an "experience".  It's entertaining! And if often draws in a line of customers waiting their turn.  This can become frustrating for parents who want to also shop.  So we use a line management app that allows customers to receive a text when their turn is coming up.  This way they can shop or eat AND truly enjoy the whole event while still allowing their kids to get a face painting and/or balloon creation.  Cool, huh?


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