Graphic & Book Design: It's About More Than Just Images

Children's book design and layout is about more than just pretty pictures.  Crisp, clean images print the best.  But a successful children's book design needs to include:

  • Easily read and enlarged fonts

  • Detail, texture and color choices

  • Characters from different angles

  • Pictures that actually tell the story

  • Can hold the attention of children

They're all important parts of getting a child's attention and things to look for when seeking a professional and experienced children's book design professional or an illustrator for hire.

Layout Matters Too

Too often self published books are made without truly weighing the value of working with professional children's book design and illustration.  Sometimes an author hires an illustrator for images only.  If you are not a children's book design professional this can be a mistake that leads to low sales for your book.  Choosing an illustrator for hire that has experience in children's book design can save you time, money, frustration and even embarrassment.  Give your book the best chance at success by remembering that first impressions count - its appearance is your book's first impression!

Ethic & Professional 

I find that books come out their best when the layout and design is considered side by side with creation of the illustrations. This is really the only way to achieve harmony between the words and the pictures. A portfolio of work samples speaks for itself. I include some black and white outlines and sketches to demonstrate that the work is MINE.  And I tell you where to find that project as a finished book for sale.  If you were to go to that product page you'd see my name on the book cover as the illustrator - "Illustrated by AJ Wanegar". 

View my mini portfolio  |  View samples by project