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Binding Comes Home

The pandemic shutdown earlier this year broke the supply chain for some businesses.  It was an unsettling time for sure.  Some non-profit fundraising attempts also suffered – Pampered Chef, for example, is still taking 8 or even 10 weeks to deliver products to customers who already paid.  When those customers are your non-profit’s steady supporters … read more

Innovative Fundraising Strategy with Maximized Online Potential For Your Child

The world has moved ahead of time for many of us who had not anticipated such a change. The outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 has wreaked havoc among many while impacting the non-profit organizations severely. A digital world is not how the non-profits can survive because there would still be animals on the road and … read more

Be A Beacon To The World By Saving Precious Lives Online

BE A BEACON TO THE WORLD BY SAVING PRECIOUS LIVES ONLINE The digital world seems to be a world away from the real world and it is so in every sense of it. While most of you enjoy working from the comfort of your home in these times of crisis, various others have preferred to … read more

Integrating Animal Nurturing & Wildlife Appreciation Habits Through Children’s Stories

Integrating animal nurturing and wildlife appreciation habits through children’s stories Children have an inherent love for animals. Yet sometimes they poke, squeeze or push dogs, cats or birds to get funny reactions or out of sheer playfulness. It can be quite displeasing to watch. Therefore, they must be taught from an early age to be … read more

Why Animal Rescue Non-Profits Are A Blessing

Why animal rescue non-profits are a blessing From running animal adoption campaigns to organizing food walk-a-thons, non-profits care for the neglected stray animals who have no homes. They organize periodic programs for animal immunization and food distribution. Many non-profits such as Austin Pets Alive are also doing remarkable work in the conjecture of treating sick … read more

Teaching Your Child to Give

Introducing concepts such as charity, compassion and emotional literacy at an early age can help in inculcating lifelong values of kindness and selflessness in children. Children must, be taught to have gratitude and, understand why it is important to share their blessings with the less fortunate.   Empathy: In the words of Alfred Adler: “Empathy … read more

Non-Profit Fundraising in Times of the Pandemic

Non-Profit Fundraising in times of the Pandemic Over the past decade, the Non-profit industry had begun to benefit from the new generation of the conscious, purposive young individuals who are cognizant of world issues and are willing to contribute to making a change. Technology has made a profound impact on facilitating faster contributions. With secure ... read more

Defending Non-Profits Through Stories For Your Child

Stories can be fun, especially for young children who have just started to learn how to read. Amusing characters with magical illustrations is what attracts them the most. Why not use this method to educate them a bit and become a strong support for the non-profit organizations working for a good cause? Children stories are … read more

Four Reasons You Should Be Part of Non-Profit Fundraising Using Children’s Stories

FOUR BEST REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE A PART OF NON-PROFIT FUNDRAISING USING CHILDREN STORIES Our lives are full of stories and we are living them every moment. Each memory and passing event forms a story of your life. What more, we crave for stories everywhere around us. But it takes great effort to realize … read more