Award Winning Illustration is Our Foundation 

Meet Our CEO

AJ, Founder and Creative Director, is a college educated illustration and design professional.  She's completed more than 12 full year art/design and illustration courses. She has a long established background in design and illustration that reaches back to the 1980's.

AJ grew up in small town USA.  Her family always had pets.  Her family loved nature, spending vacations camping and weekends at the petting farm.  So she grew up loving animals and the planet.  As an adult, AJ has continued to call pets part of her family.  She presently refers to 3 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats as her "fur children". It's this love that she wants to share with the children of the world.

Children's book illustrator AJ Wanegar Tennessee USA

A Sampling of AJ's Illustrations

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Realistic Style (slider)

Five-Star Writing Creates a Voice Children Love

M H DeLisle is our on staff writer/editor.  She completed her education as an English major.  She's young and spirited about what she does.  Ms. DeLisle is a partner in our family/women owned business, vested in the success of the company and our mission to teach children to love each other, animals and the planet.

MH DeLisle has loved books since before she could read.  She always preferred reading over video games and television.  English was her favorite subject. So it was only natural for her to grow up into the five star author of our storybooks.

Together, We're Children's Book Specialists

Publishing companies, independent authors and non-profit organizations are our clients.  We collaborate directly with each client throughout each project's development.  We believe that awesome communication is the key to always exceeding expectations.  This is why we have communication and sharing benchmarks written into every contract.

Its More Than Images

Crisp, clean images print the best.  But a successful children's book is about more than pretty images.  Every successful  children's book is designed to include:

  • Easily read and enlarged fonts

  • Detail, texture and color choices

  • Images from different angles

  • Pictures actually tell the story

Important parts of getting a child's attention.

children's book illustration from How I Became A Hero
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Layout Matters Too

Too often self published books are made without truly weighing the value of working with a professional.  Sometimes an author hires an illustrator for images only.  if you are not a design professional this can be a mistake that leads to low sales for your book.  Choosing an illustrator that is also a book designer can save you time, frustration and even embarrassment.  Give your book the best chance at success by remembering that first impressions count - its appearance is your book's first impression!