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social emotional assembly kindness challenge for Tennessee Elementary Schools

Outdoor storytelling - Ranger

We believe that understanding emotions, learning critical social skills, and character building all stem from understanding the cause and effect relationship between our feelings and actions. And we know FUN! always makes learning easier for kids. So our assembly programs build emotional awareness and character in entertaining and engaging theatrical formats.

Meaningful Messages

  • We make understanding emotions GREAT FUN!

  • Our shows help kids learn critical thinking, coping and decision making in age appropriate ways.

  • We put emphasis on integrity and self esteem.

  • Kids learn to see through emotionally charged messages seen every day on TV and in video games.

  • Students learn about kindness, compassion, courage, friendship and more while building social, emotional and critical thinking skills.

show time

Our shows fit into 15-30 minute sessions!

An Important Message for Parents & Educators

We're local people with local values.

As a local Tennessee business we understand the concerns educators and parents have about SEL and the numerous programs that are slipping different agenda based content into their message. We're NOT! We pride ourselves on offering wholesome programs that teach kids to think for themselves and stand tall against peer pressure, bullying and media messages.  *** Ask to view our script.

Our Awesome! 2022-2023 Assembly Programs

Bendy Wendy Tiger

Pre-K through 3rd Grade

"Turn that Frown Upside Down!" with Bendy Wendy's FUN! performance packed with laughter and learning. Wendy twists and bends balloon sculptures while teaching kids to turn a bad mood into a better attitude!  

Live storytelling



promotes literacy

while building character

4th, 5th and 6th Graders

We deliver theatrical animal adventure storytelling that kids love!  Features stories designed to reinforce the value of  compassion, courage and integrity with examples shown through the eyes of animals.

Heroe's Program

7th & 8th Graders

A action packed storytelling performance sharing the amazing stories of K9 heroes while we explore that many career paths that allow involve working with animals and how valuable animals are to us and the planet.

More Reasons to Love Our Fun! LIVE Shows


One-time visit and multiple appearance options available.


Low-cost, value added program to help you meet your SEL goals


Small Group Indoor & Outdoor options relieve social distancing concerns,


Resource Guide packed with printable classroom activities included

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