Earn While You Help Spread LOVE for animals 

We don't do it alone!  That's why the Treehouse Toons team is excited to offer our affiliate program to you. In this program, when you refer customers to Treehouse Toons, you will earn commission from each retail purchase! Also when you join our program, you will have a chance to earn free merchandise and additional incentives that you, your kids and your pets will love! Join free today to increase your revenue and earn free merchandise!

Check Out Our Simple Affiliate Program


1. Sign Up Is Free & Easy

Be that shop, the one that brings the love of animals and the planet to local children in your own community.  We offer wonderful, eye-catching, compact displays.  For local shops in and around Tennessee we also offer merchandising done for you.

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like share follow and support great animal welfare causes with our children's books

2. Like, Share, Follow, Influence

Those earning revenue as influencers are already familiar with affiliate marketing to some extent.  But when you market for us you are also marketing for AND supporting a cause.  The non-profits we raise money for help to improve conditions and treatment of animals. We're quite passionate about this shared mission. So we seek like minded influencers with a following that is animal-centric to help us spread the word.

3. Earn Commission & More

Perks of participation include:

  • Simple and free to join

  • Earn a 15% commission on purchases referred by you

  • Participate in competitions and giveaways for additional opportunities to earn 

  • Feel great knowing you are helping to raise money for non-profits that help animals 

  • Earn your promotion and become a pre-paid influencer for our brand


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