Meet the Pooch that Inspired Our Mission 

Patch is the rescue dog that galloped into our hearts and made us believe we could make the world a better place through educational children's books about nature and the environment.  We're the only independent children's publisher dedicated to increasing awareness through nonprofit storytelling.  We transform the societal and environmental  missions of non-profit causes into children's books that fundraise exclusively for causes that help children, animals and the planet.

We create and publish original storybooks about nature, pollution solutions, and more.  Teachers, librarians and parents have come to trust in our products and services to deliver quality inspiring, educational AND entertaining learning on all the topics animal lovers and Earth advocates value.


Carla, Board Member

“How I Became a Hero: Chessie’s Story’ has allowed our nonprofit the ability to educate the public about the vital role working K9s play and how we support them while passively fundraising for our Veterinary Care Program. This book has created an avenue for the nonprofit to continuously raise much needed funds during an unprecedented pandemic for the nation’s retired K9s veterinary care.”

Angela, Director

Your spirit of giving is like no other. Thank you so much! I appreciate the time you take and know these books are going to make such an impact. We wouldn't be able to say that w/o you. And I'm so appreciative that you are always willing to help at every turn!  Thank you :)

AJ, Creative Director

“I wanted to give back to the non-profit organizations that do so much for our communities, animals and the planet.”

Her inspirational mission to support nonprofits comes from her personal history with trauma, injury, recovery and the support she’s witnessed from nonprofits and animals during those times.