We're the Publisher dedicated to Creating Children's Books that Help Non-Profit Shelters and Rescues Save Animals 

We're the American publisher that tackles important topics. We whip them into shape, transforming them into beautiful storybooks children will understand. Our books aim to broaden the minds of our youth, raising them up to challenge stereotypes, overcome bullying, build better friendships and make better choices.

Because children are born with a natural curiosity for nature, they can learn a lot from animals.  Our children's books are the perfect platform for sharing important messages with kids and their families.  Storybooks that feature animals as characters are always a favorite.  And that makes our books the perfect way to engage, entertain, raise awareness, inspire, and educate children on all kinds of important topics.

We're the American publisher who still believes in providing

Thought Provoking Children's Books 

that inspire, educate and entertain even the most reluctant reader.

Our Truly Unique Programs Make It Easy:

  • Differentiate your organization from others

  • Increase brand recognition for your organization

  • Make your mission more relatable

  • Appeal to your audience's emotions

  • Portray your non-profit as a thought leader

  • All while raising funds for your cause

Our Teamwork & Creativity is 2nd to None

You and your board of directors will love collaborating with us.  We get to know your  non-profit organization, your mission, goals, and unique fundraising needs.  We give time and effort endlessly to each project to make it the absolute best and most unique fundraising campaign - one your donors will love.  Learn More >>>

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We Transform Non-Profit Missions in Storybooks Because They . . . 


Our mission to help children understand nature matters. How we feel about animals and the planet affects how we treat others and how we feel about ourselves.


We live in a world where 70% of the youth that abuse animals grow up to commit crime as adults. When children develop  empathy and respect for nature we help reduce crime.

& Teach

Our children's books address important topics down on the level where children can understand them.  And they're entertaining so that kids will want to learn.

& Sustain

Our titles  increase awareness and fundraise for non-profit causes that help people, animals and the planet. We know we need to support "heroes" to keep their missions sustainable.

Patch is the rescue dog that galloped into our hearts and made us believe we could make the world a better place through educational children's books about nature and the environment.  We're the only independent children's publisher dedicated to increasing awareness through nonprofit storytelling.  We transform the societal and environmental  missions of non-profit causes into children's books that fundraise exclusively for causes that help children, animals and the planet. We create and publish original storybooks and merchandise about animals,  nature, pollution solutions, and more.  Teachers, librarians and parents trust in our products and services to deliver quality inspiring, educational AND entertaining learning on all the topics animal lovers and Earth advocates value.

5 star rated children's books
from shelter to bookshelf - your story can raise money for your non-profit cause

We publish books to help animal causes make money & expand awareness.

american children's book publisher specializing in chilcren's books about animals

And YOU can help too!

There's lots of ways to support us & our participating animal shelters, recues & causes raise the money needed to help more animals.

If you love animals you cannot help but fall in love with our mission. And that means that you want to support us and the great non-profits we help raise money.  Shop with us to help our non-profits raise the money they need to help more animals.  If you cannot shop with us, that's okay, there are lots of things you can do to help.  Learn more... 

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Meet the Pooch that Inspired Our Mission 


“How I Became a Hero: Chessie’s Story’ has allowed our nonprofit the ability to educate the public about the vital role working K9s play and how we support them while passively fundraising for our Veterinary Care Program. This book has created an avenue for the nonprofit to continuously raise much needed funds during an unprecedented pandemic for the nation’s retired K9s veterinary care.”